Shaping a sustainable future

Acting responsibly and sustainably are key elements of the VP Bank Group’s business strategy. By integrating sustainability criteria into all our business processes, we aim to deliver a positive impact on society and the environment and actively contribute to the sustainable development of the finance industry.

Why sustainability is important to us

The principle of striking a balance between society, environment and profit (people, planet and profit, or PPP for short) is the definition of sustainability. Behind this principle lies the goal of creating added value on an economic, ecological and social level. It follows the guiding principle that a flourishing economy develops from the fair consideration of the needs of the environment and society alike. The way we invest today determines our future.


Sustainable economic growth is only possible if the environment is also preserved and the world population can live healthy and prosperous lives. At VP Bank, we have been committed to the principle of sustainability for many years and have implemented numerous measures to help promote it. We use renewable energies, we have reduced waste, and we support art and charitable projects.

What is sustainability and how does it influence our decisions at VP Bank?

Sustainability: What

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Sustainability at VP Bank – taking responsibility

VP Bank has been committed to the principle of sustainability for many years and has successfully implemented a number of specific measures in recent years. Here are a few examples:

  • Our offices are mainly operated with renewable energy.
  • In 1994, we installed solar panels at our headquarters in Liechtenstein.
  • Every employee is entitled to one day off per year for volunteer work.
  • At our headquarters in Liechtenstein, all new employees receive a refillable Drink & Donate water bottle, which reduces the use of plastic bottles.
  • The VP Bank Foundation supports projects, institutions and individuals who show outstanding commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.

Based on this, we developed our sustainability plan, which defines our long-term goals as a company and focuses on VP Bank’s most important business activities and offers. Sustainability is a cornerstone of VP Bank Group’s corporate strategy.


Our sustainability plan within the company

We want to drive our company’s growth and at the same time make a positive contribution to the environment and to society. We integrate sustainability into all our business processes and offer our customers investment opportunities in future-oriented subject areas that develop solutions for global sustainability problems, for example as part of our strategic initiative Investing for Change.

To help us define our priorities, we conducted a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process. This has strengthened our conviction that sustainability is an integral part of our day-to-day business. With this commitment, we are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities for change.

Sustainability Plan 2026

In our business activities In our product offering
Integrate sustainability into our business processes Integrate ESG into our investment process
Achieve CO2 neutral operations Create a net positive impact through our offering
Improve gender diversity in our workforce Grow Assets under Management in sustainable investment solutions
Achieve “AA“ ESG Rating by MSCI


Why is sustainability so important to VP Bank?

Sustainability: Why

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Investing for Change – our sustainable investment programme

We want to have a positive influence on society and the environment and actively help shape change. As a bank, we are in a special position, enabling us to promote sustainable development for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We therefore help our clients to make their portfolios more sustainable. Sustainability criteria based on the widely accepted ESG grid (E for environment, S for social and G for governance) complement the financial decision criteria.

Investing for Change

Investors can use ESG criteria to optimise returns and reduce risk. We are convinced that sustainability criteria significantly improve the investment decision so as to achieve better performance for investors in the long term.

At VP Bank, we consistently incorporate sustainability into all our investment processes. We named our programme Investing for Change, because investing sustainably can bring about change. We identify topics of the future at an early stage – and companies that respond to social and environmental changes in a significant way. We thus enable our clients and investors to seize the opportunities on the financial markets and profit from them – by Investing for Change.

How does VP Bank apply sustainability in its range of products and services?

Sustainability: How

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The VP Bank Sustainability Score

Because sustainability and transparency for clients are particularly important to us, we developed our own sustainability score, the VP Bank Sustainability Score. This specially developed evaluation procedure takes into account several dimensions and thus enables a comparison between different asset classes and financial products. This also allows us to constantly monitor the overall portfolio in terms of sustainability.


By developing and applying our own sustainability score, we are differentiating ourselves fundamentally from other providers. We do not treat sustainability as a product, but we consistently incorporate it into our investment processes. When selecting shares, bonds and funds, sustainability criteria extend our analysis of opportunities and risks. With our VP Bank Sustainability Score, we create transparency, and clients can clearly see how their portfolio is aligned in terms of sustainability.

The methodology behind the VP Bank Sustainability Score and detailed information can be found here.

Sustainably oriented investment solutions

We are convinced that the consideration of sustainability criteria leads to better investment results. Therefore, sustainability is not just one solution among many others. We consider sustainability criteria in all our portfolio solutions, building blocks and product selection. We offer you various ways of addressing the issue of sustainability in your portfolio. In doing so, we select the appropriate solutions from a broad universe of available investment products and funds that are among the best in their asset class. This is also the standard for our own VP Bank fund range. The VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Funds, for example, are based on VP Bank’s sustainability approach and combine sustainability criteria with a risk-optimised investment style.

Read about our VP Bank Risk Optimised ESG Funds here.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

We want to contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a sustainable financial system, and be part of the solution. We actively participate in organisations in which we can help promote progress and learn from like-minded people and experts. We also support local charitable projects and initiatives through donations and participate in public partnerships. Our donation activities are monitored and controlled at the corporate level and according to clear guidelines.

We also consciously focus on memberships in sustainable organisations and cooperation with external partners.


Since 2016 VP Bank Group has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

UN Global Compact website (