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VP Bank Corona-Crisis-Barometer: Further towards normality - albeit in small steps

Dr. Thomas Gitzel, Chief Economist
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Vaccination successes ebbing noticeably in the USA

Crisis Barometer

Last updated: May 28, 2021

In small steps towards normality. In the USA, the number of new daily infections continues to decline at a low level. Life is thus returning to normal. Both air travel and restaurant visits are increasing, though pre-crisis levels are still some way off. This also explains, among other things, why our crisis barometer shows an activity level of "only" around 80%. Electricity demand still lags a bit behind the development of public life. It does not take much imagination to conclude that this is only a snapshot. 

Activity levels are likely to increase further in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, in the US, the pace of vaccination has slowed considerably, despite the best efforts of the authorities. Measured by the number of vaccine doses administered daily, the US now lags well behind Europe. In a comparison of industrialised countries, the USA is thus slipping to the back of the pack in terms of the speed of vaccination. Similar experiences have been made in other countries where, as in the USA, about half of the population has received at least partial vaccination protection. The non-vaccinated population is reflected in this.  

On the barometer: The measures taken to control the spread of the coronavirus have been drastic. The global economy is severely impaired, resulting in an unprecedented drop in gross
domestic product (GDP). The question is now, how fast the economy will rebound if the restrictions are lifted.

The VP Bank Corona Crisis Barometer tracks how well the economy is recovering.

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